My Plans for the 2022 Deer Season

Kody from Minnesota asks,

Hi Bill, I have been curious about how this upcoming season is looking for you. I have been trying my best to keep up with podcast from Exodus and Midwest Whitetail on what you have been up to. I understand that you have bought a new farm closer to where you grew up and I guess I’m just wondering what you are expecting, are you planning on still hunting the lease you had or mainly focusing on this new farm. I would love to know more on what you were looking for in this case or if it was just something to start new with. Thank you, Kody

Bill responds,

Topic: My Plans for the 2022 Deer Season:

2022 Deer Season

The area where I grew up is gorgeous and I plan to spend time hunting a wide variety of places this fall to enjoy the scenery and adventure.


Thanks for asking. I found some land to buy, but my first impression is that the hunting there will not be all that great at first.

I will hunt it some, but my main focus there is on improving habitat so I am reluctant to plant much food to bring deer in because I don’t want them to eat the small trees and underbrush that result from my habitat work.

I want to give the habitat a chance to get going well before the deer discover it.

I also like hunting new areas and, in that part of the state, I know a lot of people so I can do that.

I gave up my lease. It didn’t make sense to keep it and also pay for the land I bought.  I am going to gain permission on a farm or two by trading some work and doe shooting.  That will be fun.  I will also hunt some public land just to see new places.

I really like this style of hunting where I am not tied to one piece of land like I was in the past.  The overall experience of adventure is becoming more important to me than just shooting a big deer.

I really enjoy the challenge of hunting new areas, and have enjoyed that all my life. So I am going to start doing more of that now.  I will keep everyone in the loop in some way as fall approaches, but I do expect to hunt a wide variety of places.  Good luck and thanks for the interest. Have a great day. (4/9/22)


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  1. Kody

    Thank you Bill, it’s definitely a fun part of the state to hunt. Good luck to you also this season.

  2. Lawrence Haley

    Bill I am curious if you would ever consider joining The Hunting Public for one of their public land challanges. I d ont know how your relationship is with them and its not really a big deal. Either way to me. I do think they learned a lot from doing your show at the same time you were also learning from them. I have been following them since they were at Midwest whitetail. I enjoy the public land hunting . much success.

    1. Bill Winke

      Thanks Lawrence. I appreciate the comment and the support. I don’t really care for challenges related to deer hunting, other than the ones the animals and the weather give me. I really just like to relax and enjoy the time without any other agendas. That is the main reason I stopped filming my hunts. It just takes away from the joy of being there and relaxing in God’s creation. But, I understand why some people enjoy them and maybe I would have been quick to jump at it 25 or 30 years ago. I do plan to hunt some public land this fall mostly because the state of Iowa owns a lot of really beautiful land and I would enjoy scouting and hunting it – just to be in those places. Good luck this fall.

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