Redneck Blind Purchase

Anthony from IA asks,

Bill, Thirty nine years is a long time, I know you know how it feels to bow hunt for that long, and so I finally purchased my first Redneck Blind after watching you video a few weeks ago or month already. Not a cheap purchase so make sure you pass this on to your friends at Redneck that their sponsorship and support sells product. Thanks again for your knowledge base, in-fact I have been reading/watching your work that 39 years! Tony Hough, Harlan, Iowa

Bill responds,

Topic: Redneck Blind Purchase:

Redneck Blind Purchase

Redneck Blinds aren’t cheap, but they are a good long-term investment will give you added comfort in cold weather and a safer way to hunt when than climbing a tree. Also, these blinds will hold your scent and allow you to hunt in areas where you would otherwise get busted.


Thanks for the years of support. It has been a really long time that I have been doing this. Though I sometimes get burned out on the business part (getting my second wind now), the hunting itself has never grown old. I still love it and I am sure you do too.

Those blinds are awesome and will last a long time – probably the rest of your life.  You will be spoiled hunting in that thing.

I will let the guys at Redneck know that you made the purchase.  Have a great day and good luck. (10/8/22)


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