Using Scents for Whitetail Hunting

Mark from Missouri asks,

I have been following you for many years now , I have been bow hunting deer in Missouri for 40 + years with good success. I really don’t use any type of deer lure , just try to stay scent free and watch the wind . I really never here you promote using scent , just curious if this is something you don’t feel a need for in your Arsenal ?

Bill responds,

Topic: Using Scents for Whitetail Hunting:

Scents for Whitetail Hunting

I have not spent much time trying to perfect the use of scents, but I do think that mock scrapes make a lot of sense, if for no other reason than to position bucks near your stand or blind for a good shot angle.


I am not sure if they help or not. I have never really spent a lot of time trying to perfect their use. I do think that I may be missing out in one way: mock scrapes. Mock scrapes do make sense and I think having one in the right place near your stand or blind would help to create better, more controlled shot angles. 

I don’t believe that a mock scrape will bring the deer from any distance to your stand or blind, but would be effective in positioning those that are passing through for other reasons.  Scrape trees in a small food plot, for example, do make good sense. 

I have not really tried to figure out how to use attractant scents beyond the possible use of mock scrapes. Good luck. (10/9/22)


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  1. Milo Miller

    I generally do not use scents other than doe estrous decent. I have used it for years with great success-especially in combo with a doe decoy during pre rut. I have had bucks walk up, scent check, then mount the decoy. I have also had bucks walk up under a hanging scent container and raise their nose to smell it. I highly recommend using a scent collected from a single doe- such as Tinks or Code Blue. Of course, you want to avoid leaving any human scent on the scent container or the decoy.
    Good luck if you give it a try!

    1. Bill Winke

      Good input Milo. Thanks. Good luck this season.

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