How to Stay in Shape for Hunting

Jim from Mississippi asks,

Bill, I reached out a couple years ago. I work for MSU Extension and pitched the validity of the idea about a blood enzyme indicator for organs hit by a broad head which may determine recovery time plans. You seemed to think is had potential, but my idea died with MSU wildlife biologists. Having said that, if you still do consider It worth pursuing consider the idea yours if you know who may want to invest time in the research.   Second, as I type this I’m watching an ozonics pitch on Pursuit channel with you and few other guys. You and a couple of the guys seem to be in a pretty good physical shape. My career with Extension always makes me think out of the box creating program ideas. Probably a crazy idea, but as a 52 year old guy a lot of my motivation to stay in shape is for my outdoor hobbies like hunting, kayaking, or fishing. They give me drive to work out since I’m not an athlete anymore. And as an avid outdoor show fan, I’d love to see a show that married the two hobbies or passions together. Could probably get an endless supply of sponsors and pro/college athletes to be on the show or just everyday hunters that stay in shape like you guys just to keep hunting. Half show hunting, other half work outs and Healthy recipes with wild game. Probably a crazy idea, but just thought I’d share with you. Best Wishes Bill! Miss seeing you on MWW! Regards Jim

Bill responds,

Topic: How to Stay in Shape for Hunting:

How to Stay in Shape for Hunting

Like a lot of us, my number one reason to stay in shape is to prolong my hunting life and to make me more effective in the field. And no, that is not my max. Shame on you for thinking that!


Good to hear from you.  Sorry that died.  I am probably not the guy to push the enzyme recovery process.  It is too far outside my wheelhouse, but likely someone can do that. Ideally, it would be just a kind of litmus type test that shows colors based on what is in the blood.  Would be pretty cool, actually.

I am like you. My number one reason to stay in shape and eat healthy is so that I can hunt longer into my life. I am 58 years old now and I can definitely feel the difference in the effort to set up a tree stand and climb a steep hill compared to even a few years ago.  It is an ongoing priority. I do try to eat healthy with the number one priority to avoid simple carbs like sugar and white bread and pastry, etc.  It is all really good stuff, I just wish it was good for you!

I will consider the show, but there are a number of guys that push the fitness angle pretty aggressively among hunters and when I watch that stuff it just bores me.  It is one thing to do it and another thing to watch someone talk about it.  You need to stay in shape, but I am not sure viewers or sponsors in this industry would support that making it viable to produce.

Thanks for the note.  Have a great day. (1/12/22)




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