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Cody from Minnesota asks,

I shed hunt a large tract of public ground in NE Iowa this past spring and was pretty disappointed by sign, sheds, etc. I covered about 10 miles pretty well. I still had a lot of fun being out and getting a great workout in. I’m considering finding some better habitat (private land) and knocking on some doors for shed hunting. In your experience from living down there, do you think I would have luck knocking on doors of decent land and getting permission to shed hunt? It would only be shed hunting….although maybe a back way into meeting the right person to have an opportunity once I draw a Iowa tag in a few years.

Bill responds,

Topic: Finding Iowa Public Land Hunting:

Iowa Public Land Hunting

Getting permission to hunt in Iowa is probably a bit easier than in states with more people, but you still have to invest time to create the relationships that will lead to success. Asking permission to shed hunt, is a good starting point.


I do think that asking for permission to shed hunt would net you some relationships. It is hard to know if they will translate into hunting permission, but for sure it won’t hurt.  Like most farmers, those in NE Iowa are solid people and will help you if they have the time.

However, there is much leasing in that area – more than I expected.  Mostly people from Wisconsin.   I think the leasing of private land and hunting pressure on the public land is much greater in NE Iowa than in southern Iowa where I lived for so long. 

Getting away from competition might be to your benefit.  The drive for you will be four hours longer, but you might be better off looking at Zone 5 instead.  Something to consider.  Good luck. (5/31/21)


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  1. Cody

    That’s kind of what I thought and noticed, Bill.
    I’ll take a look into Southern Iowa a bit.
    Appreciate your time!

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