Whether I will Film Hunts in 2021

Jayson from Alabama asks,

Bill, While reading your "Back to the Heart" article in the July issue of Petersen's Bowhunting, I reflected back to those laughs in the blind and the times around the campfire with friends and family over my 30 years in the outdoors. I thank you for this article, and for the years that you made your experience in Creation our experience through publishing your journey on Midwest Whitetail. To be honest, and selfish, as I read that article I anticipated the possibility of watching you make those journeys you listed in the "where I'll go" section. I thank you again for the opportunity to follow along in your hunting experience. You have had an impact on untold multitudes of deer hunters across the country. I've become a better deer hunter because of you, but more importantly a better steward of time afield with friends and family. Most importantly I've become a better Christian and Father to my children by following you over the years. Finally, if you can find space in your pack for a camera on those "where I'll go" trips we'll be watching. Any chance?

Bill responds,

Topic: Whether I will Film Hunts in 2021:

Film Hunts

The time we spend with family in the outdoors creates the strongest of memories and these times are precious. Never lose sight of the real goal – creating memories – in your quest for hunting success. Make it about friends and family and you will never be disappointed with the outcome of your time afield.


Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate that time you took to write that and the heart-felt words.  You are certainly correct in that the time spent with friends and family in the outdoors is the most precious time we have and those memories are the strongest. 

Regarding filming hunts in 2021, I would never rule anything out, but right now I don’t have that in the plan.  But, I also don’t have much of a plan so that could change quickly if I feel that God is leading me back to video production in that way.

I really got burned out being in front of the camera and enjoyed the season last year of just getting back to the roots of why I always loved (and still love) hunting.  Who knows what the future holds. I guess that is the fun part of it – not knowing.  Have a great day and God bless you and your family.  (6/28/21)


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  1. Duane Henigin

    While I hate to see you go, I understand completely. Loved your show and learned a lot!

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