Knocking Down Corn

Matt from KS asks,

Good morning, I have standing 4 and a 1/2 acres of corn that I plan to leave for the deer my question is should I knock it all down now or knock it down in parts over time? I could also brush hogg it, I know you have stated in the past the deer go to where the corn is knocked down. There are multiple stands around the field, the neighborhoods corn just to the N has been cut. The neighborhoods beans to the E is still standing. I only bow hunt but my little boys will at times use a gun. Not sure if the last info matters or not but I figured why not, hopefully helps paint a fuller picture 😀 . Thank you for your time it's truly appreciated!

Bill responds,

Topic: Knocking Down Corn:

Knocking Down Corn

Deer definitely prefer to eat corn off the ground rather than on the stalk and will tend to feed most heavily in areas where the corn is on the ground.


First make sure it legal there in KS to knock it down. I assume it is just fine since Kansas is a baiting state.  But it is not legal in all states so I want other readers to make sure they check first. 

I would definitely knock it down in stages.  Select a spot near your stand and then as the deer finish all that corn, select another spot near another stand and do it again. Only knock down as much as you can cover with your bow.  

Better yet, if you really want dial this in, you could put a blind on a trailer and move it through the field as you knock down small sections at a time.  Good luck. (10/18/22)


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