Best Fixed Position Stands

Travis from Illinois asks,

Hey Bill- just started watching your videos and am really enjoying them. I see your a big fan of fixed hunting stands. Do you have one in specific that you could recommend? I've been hunting out of climbers for the longest time- and finding that perfect tree is getting old. Any advice would be appreciated- thank you. Travis.

Bill responds,

Topic: Best Fixed Position Stands:

Best Fixed Position Stands

I have hunted out of a lot of stands over the years. My favorites are those that fit into the widest range of tree sizes and angles. I want stands that don’t require a perfectly straight tree to safe and comfortable.


I don’t really have a favorite as much as a few features that I think are important. I have hunted from Muddy stands a lot and they are solid but a bit heavy. 

I have also hunted from Lone Wolf stands and they are pretty solid, lighter but pretty expensive.  Those have been the ones I have had the most experience with recently. 

As for features, I like stands that I can mount on a tree that is not perfectly straight.  That means that having a wide mounting point on the top allows some side to side adjustment with the stand being wobbly. 

An adjustable seat angle and platform angle are also important for the same reason.

I like to stand most of the time so I don’t have a strong preference for seat design, but my friends who sit a lot seem to like the Millennium stands. From there it just comes down to making sure you select a solid, reliable and safe design from a reputable manufacturer. 

I have seen some really bad stands over the years that come from China in containers that have no brands on them.  They sell through any number of channels super cheap. I would not buy one of those.  Good luck. (10/18/22)


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