Property Line Disputes

Tom from Minnesota asks,

Good day Bill. My question to you is in regards to property lines. My West barbed wire fence does not make up the actual property line – it was put in many years ago by the previous owner just to hold cattle. To save a dispute with the neighbors, they decided to be safe and run the fence roughly 10 yards off the actual line. Considering the property is just under 300 acres, 10 yards off the actual line adds up to a lot of ground. My evidence of this comes from two sources. One, the West line does have an official fiberglass marker that is 10 yards off the existing wire fence and is spot on with the line on my onX app – unfortunately this is the only official survey marker on the west line. Two, my onX app consistently marks me as 10 yards off the property line if I walk the entire barbed wire line. Any thoughts on what you would do/say to the neighbors to make things right? They have multiple tree stands right on the wire line, which I believe is technically my property.

Bill responds,

Topic: Property Line Disputes:

Property Line Disputes

The only way to determine legal property lines is with a survey. Existing fences may be correct, but they may also have been moved for convenience. If you think you have a problem, it is best to consult with an attorney familiar with land issues.


I believe a survey is the only legal method for establishing a property line and then there are some issues related to fences that have been in place for many years. I would definitely consult with an attorney that has a good understanding of property line disputes. He/she can tell you very quickly what your options are. 

Your neighbors will be mad either way when you bring it up, so it is much better if you have the legal clout to enforce it and not just an argument.   Good luck.  (10/6/21)


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  1. Eric Parsons

    definitely get it surveyed, once you have the information mark the property line in some form or fashion and let the neighbors know that your thinking about logging it, and they need to move there stands off the property.

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