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Jake from MO asks,

Hi Bill- do you plan to do any more blogging on deer you’re after this fall or post trail pics? Any more YouTube blog videos or thoughts if you’ll hunt at all with a camera man this year? Just enjoy following along with you and curious if you’re planning to post any content on your hunting this fall. Thanks!

Bill responds,

Topic: Winke Blogs and Videos:

Winke Blogs

This will be my number one buck this season, (unless something else moved in). I passed him up last year because he was too young. I have a pretty good idea where he is living even though I have not run cameras yet this year.


I don’t plan to hunt with a cameraman this year but I do plan to post some blogs.  I am not sure yet if I will post video blogs or just written blogs on this site. I have not started scouting yet as I was in British Columbia for a month and just now getting back to the business of finding a buck to hunt. 

I am guessing I will post some video content and some written content so please keep an eye out for that. I appreciate the support. Have a great day. (10/6/21)


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